The Alcohol License you need in Texas

From San Antonio to Houston to Waco and every city and small town above and below, Texas business owners wishing to sell alcohol at their establishment must first go through a process to ensure that alcohol is being properly and safely sold. The TABC license is required if you live in the state. This license must be obtained before you are able to legally sell beer or other alcoholic beverages within the state. Without it you are committing a crime and subject to time in jail, fines, and the inability to sell alcohol in the future.

This license is very important to all establishments selling alcohol within the state. There are courses and tests that must be complete before you can obtain this license. Luckily, it is easy to obtain those courses, even in your spare time online. The information that is provided via these courses helps ensure the safe sale of alcohol. In this state, alcohol sales are very important and the Texas Alcohol Bureau Commission takes the matter very seriously.

It is worthwhile to get the tests and information need to obtain this license on the web. Not only owes it cost less when you are on the web, it also speeds the process so you are capable of selling alcohol much faster. The online courses make it easy to get your permit in a matter of weeks, versus months that it would take you to do it otherwise.

What to do with your Permit

This permit must be placed in a location that is visible to your customers after it is obtained. This includes convenience stores and gas stations, bars, night clubs, etc. The permit is valid for two years, after which time you must complete the entire coursework over again.